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Teen Waverly's Summer Vacation


I am soooo ready for you. Now that I'm home for the summer I've perfected my blowjobs. So get ready to be sucked dry! Thanks Mr Walden. After an entire year of crazy foreplay and wild sex, I can even take a fat cock deep in my tight little ass.

A new summer. Plenty of babysitting gigs. I can't wait to see what sort of nasty things you have in store for your teen slut?!?!

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Backdoor Babysitter Waverly


Man it sure is a good thing Pervster bought me that butt plug from my wishtlist! As soon as I got it out of the box I popped it right into my tiny little asshole. I wanted to make sure I was ready for Mr. Walden's fat cock. Thanks to Pervster, I fucking love anal!!

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Hotel Blow Bang


I have a neighbor that I call Master Neighbor Scott, and he likes to send me filthy letters telling me how he wants to use me. Well one letter he sent me was soooo tempting that I actually went along with it. I ended up a hotel party entertaining all of his co-workers. Here's part of the letter:

It all started with a co worker of mine getting a promotion, We and a few boys from the office decided to celebrate… and after he got a few drinks in him he confided in me that what he really wanted was to have sex with you. But I bring him over I suggest you might want to put on something especially slutty to set the mood…I suggest possibly that little pleated skirt of yours. And please sweetie no panties…. when the boys and I arrive…. There is a note taped to the door, suggesting we all come inside grab a drink and your “party slut” will be with you shortly…..

If you wanna hear how the rest of the night went,

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