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I am a Princess. But I am looking for no Prince Charming. I am looking for slaves. Slaves to jump to my bidding, slaves to humiliate, slaves to punish, slaves to grovel at my feet. I am a Lifestyle Mistress and I am exclusive. If I choose you as my slave you will be one of a chosen few. You will be precious to me for you will give me such pleasure. The pleasure I get from looking forward to a session with you will be almost as great as the pleasure of the session itself; thinking of what I am going to do with you, thinking of what you are going to do for me; thinking of your pleading eyes looking up to me as you beg. Beg for what? For the honour of wearing my collar? For the privilege of kissing my feet? For mercy? Don't be fooled by my ultra-feminine demeanour and my prettiness. I love being in control and I can be merciless when it pleases me. When I speak to you, you will notice that I never raise my voice; I don't need to. I have a natural authority that will make you obey me without question. I am royal, after all. Submitting to me is the easiest thing in the world because I am beautiful, sexy and seductive; but it is also hard because I am cruel and demanding. So in your surrender expect to find the extremes of pleasure and pain as I control your mind and your body, your heart and your soul. As I make you my property, my pet, my plaything.


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