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Do yourself a Big Favor and Make this GODdess Smile …
Give Me ALL that you have!!

Ready? Good!
Welcome to my World!

I am wise, creative, sinfully playful and uncompariably beautiful. Don't let the face fool you, My wisdom and the ability to nurture lost souls is beyond myself - On top of that I can be cruel and sadistic when called for. I am to be respected and feared in my Power. My anger can run deep - and pain is an outsource. I know this both from submission and domination. I enjoy full contracted takeover. Finances and Sexuality are My favored. with that; I control who you are, what you like - you are My toys, My pets, My puppets, and I like that.

Now, look at your obsession again... you see My perfectly divine body, My Godlike curves, those delectable little perky breasts, and you see how my hair falls over My shoulders as a curtain. Now, Look into My light soulful eyes…. and those perfect lips... that dimple....and That smile - That smile lights up an entire room, or maybe - conspires to destroy yours. Wow, It truly is the most beautiful face you have ever seen... in your life!

I see how it makes you want to look after that Divinity, to Protect it, and to take care of it Financially. The desire in you is strong to pay her bills and buy her expensive beautiful things.

That increasingly strong allure to spoil her the way that we both know she deserves to be spoiled.. What a beautiful thing! Seeing that smile lighten that amazingly Divine face.. and that sparkle, that gleam in her eyes after you've been able to obsessively spoil her.

I am your Addiction my pets, its Fun Always knowing I am Superior to you! Knowing that your only purpose in this world is to please Me and ensure My happiness and comfort.

Think about how exciting this is! We're going to go shopping together and you'll take full care of My needs. Wouldn't it be a tease to put a C.C under My name and let your heart race as I cage you into My world? Love it!

I've been asked how Far I will go in Financial Drainage.
"What are my limits"
For my Happiness Puppies; I have no limits.

In Light and Love!
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