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Latina Fem-Domme... Enter MY Pig Pen!

I administer the most intensive psychological & physical domination.
Reach Me by phone and view Me on cam (with Skype or Yahoo) and be prepared for induction into Miss Vivian's Pig Pen.

You are ugly, stupid and worthless. I love tearing you down. To Me, you are nobody. To me, you are a punching bag. Your ego is meant to be crushed.
Listen as I will give you a taste of the brutality ahead.
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I'll make you shop for panties to wear for Me. We'll find heels to match that tight, slutty dress you like. Later, I'll bend you over & fuck your hole until you scream. You're the princess of My (& your) dreams!
Listen & audition as my new cum-slut.
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I have no patience for whiny, tiny-dicked little worms like you. You will sit in the corner & jerk your man-clit as I get My pussy pounded by a huge cock. When I'm done, you will lick up the mess from between My legs & ass cheeks. Lick it all up, piggie.
I'll tell you how I'll put your man-clit to work!
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Have no illusions. I am a true Fem Domme, disgusted by worthless shells of men. I was born into the world for one purpose: to provide meaning for your worthless, small existence. Tribute Me with your money as it is all you have of worth to offer. To cheat Me is to cheat yourself.
This will tell you just how scum like you should behave.
Female Supremacy
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My body is petite & muscular; 4'10" & sculpted. I wear a size 5 shoe on My pedicured feet. My ass is perfect; My tits are 34DDD. You will truly cherish the Goddess body before you.
Listen to how I'll tease & torment you.
Foot - Body Worship
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You are a human wallet. My personal ATM machine. Your only use to Me is to give more. I want control over EVERYTHING. Your checking, savings, retirement. YOU WILL GIVE IT ALL. What's Mine is Mine and what's yours is negotiable.
Listen up & get familiar with the rules.
Money Slave
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Eventually, NOTHING you say or do could entice Me to spend energy on you. I don't want to hear your voice complimenting Me. I just want to be rid of you. When I hang up abruptly, you'll call back and beg for more.

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