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Your outward sexual orientation is of little importance, Your desire to serve is. Seeing grown men need to kneel before me, to offer more and more, to know how difficult it is for you to get off without serving, turns me on. I have many "straight" men call me, even married with a family, that cannot cum when fucking their wife without thinking of serving me. There are many gay men, pretending to be tops, dreaming of giving more to me as their cock is getting sucked. Even bottom boys, laying back with their legs in the air as they are being pounded, often dream of being used financially by a Master, far too afraid to let their partner know their true desires. You are here, so obviously this is your desire. You have searched for some time for a Master that really knows fags like you. Welcome home.

What you have not yet realized is how far ahead of so many you really are. Very few men truly know where they belong, but here you are, finally realizing your need to serve a superior male. You have searched for some time, but now you have that feeling of belonging, especially when on your knees, begging me to take more, begging to serve. For now, it will stay between us, but soon, it must come out, letting the world know why you exist, your true need to serve me, your Master. Read all of my pages fag, and email me at any time to discuss this further.

Do thoughts of kneeling before a real man and offering your open wallet to him make your breathing deepen? Do you find yourself fantasizing about financial slavery, and masturbating to it, several times a week? Want to make it a reality, but on a scale that is realistic and still offers you a safety cushion?

Find a Master who best shares your interests. Someone whom you admire from a distance and who you would most like to be enslaved to.

Start understanding that the object is HIM, not you. This is so important and beyond question the hardest step to maintain. I suggest writing it down everywhere. Some little cryptic phrase that only you will understand, but that will remind you of the truth when you need it most - in those moments when you're NOT staring at him, or his picture, with a raging stiffy and your wallet in your mouth.

Seeing "Remember who it's really for", or "Stop NOW! Think of Him for 30 seconds. Nothing ever comes before Him." on your blotter at work, or on your PDA every day will go a long way to building up that critical link. It doesn't matter who He is - a friend, a stranger, an online Master. Whomever he is, he is important to you and you should want to listen to him and make him happy. That, after all, is the whole point of this.

Start small, but regularly. Make the act of tribute something you do every day. Between the two of you, make it an expected ritual. Do it at the same time, wearing the designated items, and/or in the designated position. The amounts, I suggest, should be minimal at first, growing much more significant later. Allow yourself time to appreciate the pleasures of giving - slowly, quietly and ruthlessly regularly. Can you imagine how it will make him feel, even three years ahead, when he looks back at an unbroken chain of daily tributes? Of putting him before anything else?

If serving online, set up a webcam where He can see you making your tribute. Give him the pleasure of watching you show your daily devotion in the manner He has chosen for you to do it. How do you think that will make you feel? How do you think that will make Him feel?

Let Him downscale your budget a bit but, initially at least, He should do this in very careful stages. The fantasy of sudden poverty is often far more attractive than the reality. But achieving reality is the point of all this, is it not? Allow yourself, once comfort and trust have been achieved, to give up more and more control. It really is so liberating to have financial pressures removed from your life. For both of you.

Between the two of you set a goal for sacrifice and work to that point. For example, "By the end of your third month of service, I expect 25% of your gross earnings to be freely and willingly tributed to me. Within one year, I expect 50% to be mine. Within two years, you'll increase that to 75%."

Start keeping a record of all your incomings and outgoings. Preferably one to which He has full access. Start monitoring your expenses. Ask yourself if there are areas you can cut back. Do you really need to buy that? Think of what a real man can do with that money.

Think how happy it will make him feel, how privileged and special He will see Himself. Do your very best to minimize your own expenses as much as you can, though still leaving some room for the occasional treat for yourself. Don't be surprised if He is in a mood to give you a little treat every now and then Himself. Learn to appreciate these times, and feel grateful that He takes the time, makes the time, to show his appreciation for your consistent service to his desires.

Make Him the beneficiary of your insurance, or of a second insurance policy. If your situation permits it, draft a will leaving a little or a lot to Him. This is a seriously high trust thing to do - don't do it casually.

Squirrel away a small amount from the budget he allows you to have, and surprise him with a sudden gift. This does so much more than all the talk in the world to show him that he is the number one priority in your life.

For advanced relationships, allow Him to have power of attorney over you. You are exposing yourself extremely vulnerably - the dangers and rewards are commensurate with this. Do you think He will be more inclined to throw away this rare treasure He has, or is He more likely to nourish it and keep it going as long as He possibly can?

Now kneel before your new Master, and begin, clicking the following in order...