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It's no secret what your problem is: your whole life is one big lie. A lie you have to live every day of your life. You do what you're supposed to in life. You have a steady job, and you've settled down a beautiful woman, but your life is just empty- a lie, a living death. Sometimes you wonder why you just don't end this wretched, empty existence.

I've been there. I understand what you're going through. I also know what it means to be happy and be truly satisfied with your life. It starts with self-acceptance, including that part of yourself you can't really bring yourself to admit even exists.

What is it that you can't accept about yourself? Are you gay? Bi? Kinky? Or is it something else? I'm not here to judge you. I'm here to give you the acceptance you need to go on and to help you come to terms with your own life. I can also talk you through some of the sexual scenarios that frighten you. There's nothing as liberating as taking that first step. You will feel so much better afterward.