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Financial domme seeking Pay Piggy fucks

All you Little Pay Piggy Fucks…The name Princess Ahuva--- Ahuva meaning? Beloved… I am your Beloved Jewish Princess…. What I want you ask…. YOUR MONEY…YOUR PAIN…MY GAIN.. I want to make your pockets sore. I want you to look in that empty wallet and cry.. I want to cause you Financial Pain….. Why should I suffer when there are little pencil dick Pay piggy's like your self.. MAKE ME HAPPY BECAUSE I SAID SO, NOT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. You mean nothing to me… All I see when I look at you is Green…. When you talk I here coins dropping… When you write to me all I care about is how much I can squeeze out of a Loser fuck like yourself! What do I think of you?? I think that all of you are fucking schmucks, Idiots, Morons! It’s insane that you go on your day and live your life serving others. I will make you fucking lick the bottom of my shoes… SERVE me and NO ONE else. What to do for me? Buy me things... Online gift certificates- Buy things from my wish list- Send me money via email- Pay my rent- Pay for me to go to the salon- PAY ME so that I don’t have to work and have more time to MIND FUCK YOU…. I may even Thank you…. I said may meaning….well probably not. You shall do as I say MAKE ME HAPPY… Spoil me like the Precious Princess I am!