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Goddess Vivian - Emasculating Goddess

you know you are different from real men, don't you?  you have a very big secret.  Inside of you there is that relentless feeling - that need - that urge which you simply can not deny.

you know you fall utterly short in the masculinity department.  you feel shame and humiliation, yet your urges can not be quieted.

I understand you and your secret desires.  And I will cultivate your need for femininity and submission.  Does that mean that I respect you?  Don't be ridiculous.  you are a sissy or a cock whore - and you should be embarrassed - you should feel humiliated.  your loss of control is My gain.  you will be My pet, My plaything - I will use you for My amusement and My profit.

I have always felt deep within Myself a superiority.  And I know that you feel a deep need to submit.  To Me.  To let go of the ridiculous man you attempt to be and release the other you.  The you which feels so very wrong, so very naughty and yet so right.  Together we will explore that secret side of yourself.  There is much to unearth.

At My command, you will whimper and feel that silly boy-shell slip away.  If you prove worthy My time, I will emasculate you completely.

I am an educated, elegant Goddess and My appearance is always impeccable.  I am not a screaming princess.  You will address Me as Goddess, or Goddess Vivian.  you will never look Me in the eye and you will always be on your hands and knees when you call.  I am served in real life and now you have the opportunity to be My sissy, My bitch, My faggot, too.

Feel masculinity slip away as you become My newest bitch.
Bow to Goddess Vivian and Call Now
1-800-TO-FLIRT, EXT.  02305881

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Pay My cell phone bill $52.50  
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