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Hand all of that cash to me LOSER! &#9813

Loser boy, you are the kind of guy that I wouldn't give the time of day to. The kind of guy that grovels and begs for attention at my perfectly posh feet. One of those losers that my girlfriends and I laugh hysterically at.

I bet even in high school, you begged and pleaded for attention from those pretty cheerleader type popular girls. While you wore your pocket protector and joined the A.V. club. They all laughed at you and you still wear that pocket protector, don't you loser boi!?!

This is as much attention you get from me. As-a-matter-of-a-fact, I may get one of my girlfriends! We can poke fun at you until you cry your worthless pathetic life away!

Anything that gets bought off of my wishlist you get exclusive pics of me with whatever it may be! Go look at those pretty panties ;)

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