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MmMmM... Hello Hypnosis World!

Miss Daizy wants your mind... and your dollars!

You've been fantasizing about having a young, sexy FEMALE sneaking in and out of your mind... taking control of your most VIVID fantasies!

And now you've found Me... Miss Daizy Boots!

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You see Me... just one of the many young college girls, kicking around the amusement park on spring break... showing off all our tanned, sexy curves in our brightly-colored bikini tops and tight cut-off shorts...

And then your eyes catch Mine. My perfect, sky-blue eyes. They capture you. My golden blonde hair, shining like the sun... You can't stop staring... Yes, I see you. My lips curl into a seductive smile... and suddenly you realize that My friends and I have turned a corner!

We are gone. Nowhere to be seen!

And now the entire amusement park becomes a maze! Yes, even in this huge, public place you are LOST...

LOST... until you can find Me again. Until you can hear My Voice... and see Me... and stare into My eyes... My deep, sky-blue eyes...

Until you can become even MORE lost... in My deep, hypnotic gaze!

I can hypnotize you with a word, with a look. With the soft, subtle scent of My jasmine perfume...

Even though I only started a year ago, as the world's youngest Erotic Hypnotist, I already have a library of more than a dozen hypnotic recordings... all on mp3, and all ready to slip inside your mind... get you hard and THROBBING... and take control!

Just imagine what I can do, in My wicked, sexy mp3 series, "Deflowering Daizy."
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I'm going to turn your mind into My little "amusement park"... My little playground...

You are going to find that Miss Daizy has already become your deepest focus... your new obsession!

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