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Aryan Queen

REAL Domina, Hardcore Fetish Kink, No Limits

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I'm a health educator. I'm an author. I'm a student. I'm an activist. I'm an advocate. I was born in Nuremberg, and came to the U.S. before starting school. I am of pure Aryan blood. Conflicting with the monumental majority, I am a real time Dominatrix. I am not here pretending to be one. I am a Queen. Not only will you celebrate My existence, you will succumb to it. A two-legged being down on all fours.

I am a real Woman with a high profile, professional career. I work for the county with trans genders, gays/lesbians and addicts. More often than not, I appear on Public Access Television. I travel often, and my work schedule is a busy one so, appointment calls are suggested. Some nights, My time is Mine. And so are you. Be prepared. Dirty, submissive pigs with filthy jacktivities will be used and exploited for pleasure. Mine. I take what I want from whomever I want. When I take it from you, you won't reclaim it. Your esteem, your money, your so called manhood, your sex, and your heart. Mine for the taking. Mine for abusing. Mine to fuck with. Mine to stomp. Mine to ruin. I am far more Superior than you can ever hope to be. Do not test Me. You will lose. Make yourself at home with losing. Embrace it warmly. A winner you will not be. Failure is yours. It's always yours. Adrenaline junkies. Weak, addicted and inferior, you are a slave to the flesh.

Do not waste My time. I want to speak only with intelligent persons, as I myself possess a high intellect. Refrain from phoning if you cannot communicate intelligently. Do not phone Me, if you do not know what it is you truly want. I will not invest any of My time -paid or otherwise, in attempting to extract a thought from you. I will not waste My time talking to intellectually deficient people. If you do not possess critical thinking skills, then you are of no use to Me, and I immediately will terminate your call. Talk is like thunder; it is loud, and it is harmless. I am not. Do not phone Me if you seek a Dominatrix who must scream to be heard. Those who scream, lack any control. When you lack control, you lose respect.

When you've lost respect, you've lost power. I love power. Control. Taking it. Keeping it.

Never will I relinquish it.

I can assure you; I am not an invented, glittery, giggly and monotonous fabrication. -Which certainly is prevalent at Niteflirt. I, however, am all too real.

Some of My topics of interest
-none of which are fetish fodder:

Verbal Abuse
Pain Puppies
Gorean Living
Physical Abuse
Mental Anguish
Financial Slavery
Sissy Humiliation
FemDom Sessions
Human Disposals
Strap On Servitude
Foot, Ass Worship
Cuckold Humiliation
Racial Degradation
Small Penis Humiliation


My rates change when I'm not home,
late at night, and on the weekends.

If you book an appointment with Me,
and you FAIL TO SHOW, a $20
Payment Request will be sent to you.

If you DO NOT pay for WASTING My
time, you will be BLOCKED from ALL
future contact with Me.

© 2008-2015 Aryan Queen

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