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So you need to find a new job? I have the perfect one for can serve as a ashtray for me. Are you a smoking slave? Do you go crazy thinking of a hot girl like me smoking and blowing smoke in your face and taping ashes in your mouth? Or how about if you get lucky enough to let me put my cigarette out on your body parts? If you are lucky maybe you will get to serve as a real live working ashtray for me and my friends. Maybe you are the type that HATES smoking, wanting me to FORCE you to smoke in a windowless room, or a small car, yes I will do that and MORE. When you call make sure you bring your matches and cigarettes along and prepared to perform and do exactly what I say, now pick up the phone you ash licker.

My specialties are many, developed through years of real time training sessions. I am now working with those who wish to serve via the telephone. I have a wide range of interests including: Bondage and Discipline, Cock & Ball Bondage and Torture, Dildo Training, Forced Feminization, Role-Playing, Spanking, Orgasm Control/Denial, Forced Cum Consumption,Mind Games,Loser bashings and Hardcore Humiliation, Do not allow this list to limit us though; the only limitations that exist in My world are those created by your mind. Allow my experience its due when it comes to seeping into your mind and controlling your soul… if you dare. I have numerous expectations of my submissive for our session. Come both equipped physically with whatever toys and props you wish to use, and prepared mentally to delve into the world we create. Be ready to answer questions and look inside. Understand what it is you wish to achieve with our session, and finally, come seeking to push your boundaries and truly explore. I invite new subs who are curious about the lifestyle to call and will answer any questions you have. Pick up the phone now, and allow yourself the opportunity to serve Me.

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