Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


I will find out what makes you tick...

I am terribly curious! I want to hear about the things that move you... The things that give you pleasure. I want to speak candidly about every detail of your sexual life(or lack of it). Be aware... My goal isn't to provide a cheap orgasm. I am here for the intellectual stimulation of us both. You may get horny, you may cum. It is highly unlikely that I will do either of those things. I am only intrigued by all the dirty, kinky, weird, sensual things that make people do the wild things they do. So if you are down for analyzing your sexual psyche, if you want the depths of your aroused mind to be picked, call me!

I will always be be utterly honest, as well as genuinely interested. I am no faker on the end of the phone pretending to moan while I file my nails. I REALLY want to know. It's just part of my character. And I am sure you'll have a good time telling me all about it, answering my questions. I'm bound to open up new avenues for you... I'm really good at that. You'll find out things about yourself you might not have known. Amazing how it works. :)