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The games I play are the ones you love

I just love roleplaying, it's so nice to let go and just pretend to be someone else for a change.
I can play ANY ROLE you'd like; just mail me or call me and tell me what you want...and you'll be amazed at how perfectly I deliver. I only need a basic outline, as I have a wicked imagination and can be devilishly clever. Or maybe you have some general ideas but aren't really sure what you want. Let me know and we can easily whip something up to take you to new levels of delight.

I do NOT violate NF's taboos; no age play, incest, animals, etc. So don't even ask. I have more than enough imagination to redirect those.

One example is for those who like 'Naughty Girl Who's In Trouble!' fantasies, I can be the girl next door you hired to watch your house, or clean for you...and you catch me doing something I shouldn't have! I guess you'll have to punish me, because I'll do ANYTHING if you won't tell on me!

Maybe you dreamed about being with that cheerleader? Guess what? I'm a cheerleader, and I know a little spot behind the bleachers where we can be all alone...

I also love working out! Maybe you and I are all alone at the gym...and one thing leads to another. Maybe you're peeping on me in the showers! Or maybe you're a mean trainer who pushes me to my limits...and knows that there's no better workout that a sexual one!

Ever wonder what happens at those all girls academies? Oh the stories I could tell! Maybe you could be a teacher who catches me and my best friend engaging in some extra credit activities!

Maybe you're the cop who pulls me over, and I'll do ANYTHING not to get another ticket! Or I'm home all alone and you're delivering something.

I can be your girlfriend who tells you that she's just about to cheat on you and make you a cuckold!

Or maybe you're the mean boss who will fire my worthless boyfriend or husband unless I do everything you demand...

I have lots of favorites I'd love to share with you too. :) As long as you let me know what you like, we'll have LOTS of fun!

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