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Mean Queen Lori


One of my favorite things to discuss and tell all is the small penis man. Shameful and a lot of embarressement surronds you on a day to day basis and finally you have someone to talk about it with. I will not tell you lies or try to make you feel better about it. I will have a frank and open discussion on what women REALLY think of the small penis boy.

I know it must be tough to have a secret and worse when a woman finds out. If you have a teeny weenie & want to know what I think about a male who is underendowed with a little penis then call so that you can hear what I think of you, the member of the tiny peeny boy circus!

Whatever you call it-a small endowment, a little cock, a small dick, a tiny penis, a teenie weenie-it all adds up to the same thing: a thread that flaps between your legs. While real men have a real penis, you have an appendage that simply reminds you of what you are lacking: ever being a REAL man and ever pleasing a woman.

Woman do not like small penised boys. Woman want something to ride on, something big. If they tell you different then they are lying. I love all the stories I hear at my fetish parties about you small ones getting laughed at, belittled and worse, forced by me to show your stick to my friends. Small penis bashings are one of my favorite topics. I love the webcam shows I see of you holding your noodle up next to various objects that I will tell you to get. So pindick man, call up and lets talk about your *little* problem.

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