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TuffGirl Tess

Uwish idfuckingtalk2U Problematic Puppy IgnoreLine

Bitchtress Tess

TuffGirl Tess ♥
This is Princess Tess's 24 hr IGNORE LINE for LOSERS! I may be playing or writing my music, in the shower, laying out, out shopping spending losers' money, watching a movie or talking to one of my friends. I may even be sleeping so don't expect any special treatment- You are a loser anyway which is why you are calling this line cuz you know it! IF you are really lucky you may get to hear me getting fucked or getting off with a REAL MAN which is pretty likely considering how much of a sex addict and masturbation junkie i am. You could only be so Fucking Lucky! If I am out partying with my friends I will do you the honor of ignoring you while you listen in so you can pretend to exist in my world! Don't forget to thank me for this privilege Dumbass. You only Wish you could Fuck a girl like me and we both know it!
I am not paying any attention to you cause you are pathetic! I'm going to continue with whatever else is more important at the moment and I am putting the phone down and you are going on speaker phone. I could give a FUCK LESS about you anyway you are just another loser to me and you are lucky I took your call to begin with. I am only tolerating your fucking ass because of your money if you have a problem with this tell it to someone who gives a Fuck! This is me and how I am. Deal with it or don't call! You are just a problematic puppy to me and you deserve to be ignored unless you wish to upgrade to one of my Minions. Fill out my Lost Soul Assessment Form and Minion Application. Otherwise I will treat you like the problematic puppy you are. I have many puppies that follow me around eager to please but they dont know me so they growl, bark and snap at me with defense mechanisms when they aren't trying to hump me. But i dont want a puppy, i want a REAL MAN so i have set them all free. They can however still call to be ignored. Love Princess Tess
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