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Elite, Educated, Sophisticated Domination

I am a powerful, self-determined, mature, educated, zaftig, statuesque, professional dominant woman who is seeking special submissives. I am busy and my time and attention is very valuable. I have nearly two decades of experience in controlling lives and enforcing discipline. If you are not prepared to show proper devotion to a truly Dominant woman, then tuck your tail and slink away. It shouldn’t have to be said, but so many questionable applicants make me say it anyway, “True submissives know that maturity and experience are valuable and you will know ways to demonstrate your appreciation.” Each submissive is different; as is each Dominant, so don’t look at the silly check boxes to try to figure me out. I will only use those as a starting point for you. Be aware that if you are less than utterly truthful, I will know or I will soon find out. Once we work together, you will become an open book to me and now is NOT the time to try to be deceptive. In as much as I only work with highly dedicated and motivated submissives, expect a lengthy process in getting to know me. Time with me is EARNED. Also, prepare yourself for me obtaining sufficient information from you to design your special service to me. I will never accept your invitations to talk if we don’t have a prior agreement. As any good submissive should know, your needs, my rules. If you have a problem with that, you aren’t paying attention or aren’t good enough for consideration. Closer contact requires more and more of my time and attention; therefore, only very worthy and devoted subs earn their way to speaking to me. I am well versed in a wide range of D/s including; Chastity/keyholding, Cross Dressing, Sissification, Mind Control, Manipulation, Humiliation, Erection and Orgasm Denial, Whipping, Bondage, CBT and of course, I will consider all other personal kinks upon your appropriate request. I will also consider submissives that need long distance domination. I do not do this full time, and with so many trolls and fakes out there, it may take me some time to sift through the chaff. Just know, that if you interest me, it will be worth the wait.