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Come here, boy, and bring my cigarettes with you! Kneel beside me on all fours while I balance my ashtray on your back. Close your eyes and drown in the sound of the flame from my silver lighter as I flick it open and on. Revel in the crinkling sound of the flame burning the tip of my long, slender cigarette as I wrap my red-lipsticked mouth around the filter, and take those first, gentle tugs to bring the smoke into my mouth. Listen to me sigh in contentment as I inhale that first long draw into my lungs.

That gets you excited, doesn't it? Me, too. One of my favorite past-times is tying a man down, rendering him helpless as I tease & torment him mercilessly by blowing my smoke in his face while he tries desperately to inhale it himself. Feel yourself drown in my smoke as I put my smoking hood over your head, and exhale smoke down that long, wide tube, smothering you with the fumes. Or, perhaps I'll be in a playful mood, and will blow a balloon up with every breath of smoke that I exhale, until it's full, and then I pop it in your face, surrounding you with blue-grey tendrils of enchantment. I am very generous and will gift you FREE MINUTES... so call me!

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