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Bitchtress Tess

Vice Vexes + Mindfucking Masturbation Manipulation

TuffGirl Tess

Think you have a chance in hell of satisfying me or even keeping up with me for that matter? NO fucking way in hell. Let me say it another way there is NO COMPETITION. You are NO CHALLENGE WHATSOEVER! I don’t give a fuck who you are! In fact most of you sorry bastards are constantly disappointing me when you call and I find myself saying “what the fuck is this shit?!!” In over 10 years not one guy online has ever even come close to satisfying my sexual appetite completely because it is fucking impossible.
Fuck all of you sorry fuckers if you aren’t a real man then fuck off. I would never let you fuck me in real life. I demand Sexual Satisfaction in every sexual encounter I experience. If you fail to satisfy me you would be lucky if all you get is laughed at.
Go ahead and try if you think you can actually OUTLAST me in a phone and cam session which is IMPOSSIBLE! Not only will I outlast you an any fuck session you throw at me but I can out-smoke, out-drink or out-whatever your vice may be, I guarantee it. And you call yourself a man? Fucking pathetic. No one has EVER made me say, “OK I’ve had enuf please stop” and trust me I have had some helaciously long and intense sessions in both real life and on cam to say the least. You would be greatly rewarded if by some off chance in hell you got me to say this although I won’t say how I would reward you.
I will just make you wonder even though you have no chance in hell of ever getting there. Trying to keep up with me will be your new mission in life. Your everlasting desperate conquest to the impossible dream of actually satisfying me. It amuses me to no end to fuck with your head you fucking loser. Love Tess
Likes: Multiple Orgasms, Roleplays, BDSM Play, Smoking, Financial Domination.
Dislikes: Rudeness, Obnoxiousness, Sober Freaks, Uptight and Over-opinionated assholes, judgementalism, little dicks, Arrogant Bastards, Minute Men, Impotence and Cheap Fuckers.
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