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TuffGirl Tess

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Bitchtress Tess

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Hi Dumbfucks- You've come to the BEST PLACE POSSIBLE- Thats a Good Loser Boy! Want to Impress me and get on my good side- well this is a sure way to do it. Goddesses are not impressed by cheapfucks and we are especially not impressed with broke ass creatures. We like $$$ and we deserve it for being born so beautiful. What the fuck does your ugly, pathetic ass deserve it for? For being a fucking worthless piece of shit cock sucking faggot? Or for being a foolish frog boy or a problematic puppy that makes girls cry? Or for being a toxic tapeworm, pathetic parasite, pervert paramecium, vile virgin vermin or another equally unappealing creature or insect? I think NOT. Give your Money to its rightful owner- ME NOW!! If you are calling this line you are well on your way to becoming my Zealous Zombie. Esoteric Domination is not for everyone only highly intelligent special souls that wish to transform their lives into something better than their current mundane melancholic realities. The rest of you will remain creatures, content with jerking off to porn, having phone sex, drooling over webcam girls and never getting much pussy.
You know you are a Fucking Moron. You know you could call me on a less expensive line but you dont want to because it is ONLY the best for your Perfect Princess and you WANT to SPOIL HER and make HER HAPPY. This is the ONLY reason for your existence. You were born to Serve HER and nothing more. So go ahead dumbass. Euphoric Opulent Torture never tasted so sweet. Your money will be mine so fast it will make your head spin and it will HURT so GOOD you will Luv it and Beg for more! Join the other manpawn scum I have collected and revel in your mediocrity while you pay me to USE you and bleed you dry for all that you are worth. It is only because of your money that I pay any attention to you at all. I will allow your Loser Ass to Worship Me on my Webcam while you pay me the rate which I am rightfully entitled to. Call now and SPOIL YOUR GODDESS!

Call Now U Pathetic Excuse for a man! Indulge yourself in your own Stupidity!

Webcam Sample

Webcam Sample

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