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Bitchtress Tess

Sexi Alpha Princess SPOIL Line HDCam/Clips!!!

Bitchtress Tess

Taurean/Gemini Goddess of War+Sex ruled by Venus (Love) and Mercury (Communication) ~ Sup Losers? Bow down to Royalty You Insolent Pathetic Puny Peckered Peon :D

Alpha Princess Tess 24/7 SPOIL LINE ~ Taurus: Fixed Earth Ruled by Venus ~ To some a bull may seem quite unlikely as a symbol for Taurus since the sign is ruled by gentle, feminine Venus. We picture Venus as a lover of beauty and art, and a stamping, snorting bull doesn't quite seem to fit. But recall the fairy story of Ferdinand the Bull ~ Ferdinand much preferred to sniff the pretty flowers of his pasture than to go into the bullring and fight as was expected of him. The Taurean is likely to be a placid person all her life but this can be deceptive because if sufficiently provoked she can become wildly angry and the mad rage of an aroused bull is legendary.

Born only 4 days from being a Gemini on May 17th has given me many Gemini qualities as well. Gemini is symbolized by the twins. Gemini is Mutable Air. Air is the intellectual element and the mutable quality provides changeability and adaptability. The masculine polarity of Air allows all this to be outgoing and expressive. Gemini has to do with all forms of communication, a Mercury attribute in the form of the spoken and written word. Geminis' changeability may result in superficiality.... Why waste your time with the rest when you could have the best? - Tess!
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