Phone Sex

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Why do I love to taunt, tease, goad, torture and ridicule men with tiny cocks? It is Sooooo deliciously fun!

If you're fat you can lose weight. If you're a woman you can enhance your breasts. Bald? Get implants. But like a diamond, a small cock is forever and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it and that gives me a baord, long, smile!

I know that feeling of disapppointment every woman has when you pull down your trowsers and there's that little nub where a REAL cock should be. They may have been too polite, too kind to say what they were thinking. I am not! You see this isn't a game for me, I cuckold a small cocked pervert, he's my bitch, my cocksucker, and my slave.

You are an inferior male incapable of providing a woman the pleasure she craves and deserves. You are truly useless for anything sexual, except maybe as an oral sex machine, but I can get that from a big dicked guy too, so WHY BOTHER WITH YOU!?

All that's left is for you to entertain me. I am a beautiful woman with an easy smile, a high libedo and an absolute passion for deep, gnawing humilaition. Let's be clear, you deserve to pay for your inadequacies, and you will.


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