Phone Sex

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Coming up a little SHORT for Her taste??


Coming up a little short??

Not exactly what She was hoping for??

Awwww, sweetie...I'm sorry! Guys like you just don't
have what it takes to satisfy a woman! It's not your fault,
but I mean...what can you do? You can woo her with candy
and flowers, take her out to a fancy restaurant for dinner,
but when the dinner is done...well, you might as well just
drop her off at her door, or leave her at a club where she
can find a suitable lover. She deserves so much MORE,
don't you agree? You know you're teeny...I mean even the
guys that THINK they have a big dick know it's just wishful
thinking the first time a woman giggles or just laughs at that
pitiful little lump between their legs. It's over. Hasta La Vista.
I do feel sorry for you, but there are other things that you
can do...can you lick pussy well? Maybe be a clean-up man?
Or perhaps fluff the cock of her would-be lover? There are
jobs that you can do if you think about it! You can try to keep
her interest with money, jewelry, things like that as well. Me,
I love when you send me tributes just for the hell of it :))

This is me...yes, I have big tits, but they would be lost on
you, because I would not fuck you. Your little weiner would
get lost between them. BUT, I would enjoy talking to you
about your little dicky. Call me anytime I'm logged in, if you
feel you MUST you can email me first, but please know that
I'm not always at my computer, so if I don't answer, call!!!

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