Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

You're a very busy man. Your day is filled with meetings and phone calls, appointments and deadlines... and the bulge in your pants is not helping matters one bit! It's so hard to concentrate when your cock is demanding attention. You need to cum and you need to cum soon!

All you need is a hot voice to help you handle matters quickly. But you don't have time to exchange pleasantries with a phone sex operator. You don't need to be judged as a minuteman or a cheapskate because you don't have time for a masturbation marathon. YOU JUST WANT TO GET OFF!

You don't want to hear what she's wearing or even take the time to tell her your name. All you want is a filthy horny slut to jump right in and tell you the raunchy stuff she wants to do to your cock.

You want to know that she'll be there, willing and eager, the next time you call to use her for a short time. She won't label you as a time waster or a loser. She won't block you because you're not worth her time. She will be there for you whenever you just need to BLOW YOUR LOAD!

1-800-TO-FLIRT - Extension :: 03554651



  • In Between Meetings
  • While Your Secretary Is Out To Lunch
  • During Your Coffee Break
  • While Your Boss Is On That Conference Call
  • When You're The First In The Office Or The Last To Leave
  • When Your Alone In Your Car
  • In The Garage
  • While The Wife's In The Shower
  • When She Thinks Your Watching The Game, Finishing Up Some Work, On A Business Call
  • When She's Asleep
  • Anytime You Need "Rapid Release!"
*NOTE - If you cannot speak at all during the call and I repeatedly say "Hello".. just make some kind of noise such as blowing into the phone so that I know you are there. Also if you cannot speak at all or above an audible whisper please do not expect an elaborate role-play. It gets too complicated and frustrating for both of us if I have to keep asking you to repeat yourself, that kind of call doesn't work in a situation where you can't participate.