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Secretary to obey your orders exactly

She had been working for the same company for over 5 years and all her travel was within the United States so when they asked her to travel overseas on a new account she jumped at the chance. It was in a small country she had never even heard of but that didn't matter it was anywhere different. She was going to have to land in another country nearby and then rent a car and drive. The country had no international airport of its own. The flight over seemed short because she was so excited even though it had taken 10 hours. She flew first class as always and enjoyed a few cocktails and ended up seated next to a very interesting and not bad looking man. She was a newly divorced woman and had recently rediscovered masturbation and found herself in need of relief part way in to the flight. She thought about dragging the man next to her into the bathroom but decided probably not a good idea so she excused herself and took her bag to the bathroom. Thanks god for battery operated toys. She locked the door behind her and hiked up her skirt. Exposing her soft freshly waxed pussy. She always wore pantyhose that were crotchless nowadays for ease of access and convenience. She slid her hand down to touch herself. She was already so moist for just thinking about the man in the seat. Her fingers slid over her clit stopping to rub and then she pushed them deep into her waiting wet cunt. She used her fingers to ready her pussy for her nice hard dildo she had brought along. Then she took it and shoved it in. Ahhh yes she thought. Never have to worry about old reliable being hard not like her ex-husband who had ceased to be able to stay hard some time ago. She thought of what adventure might lie ahead in this foreign country as she masturbated herself into a blissful climax. She cleaned up and straightened and went back to her seat very very relaxed and dozed off for the rest of the trip. She got her luggage and her rental car and she was off. The weather was warm and breezy. She found a radio station with some american pop music. She drove for three hours and now had reached the border. It was a bit rundown she thought as she entered into the inspection area. A guard came over and asked what her reason for entering the country was business or pleasure. She answered hopefully a little of both but he did not seem amused. She did feel his eyes glaring as he stared down the top of her crisp white cotton blouse. She had removed her suit jacket because of the warm weather and had unbuttoned a few extra buttons so her amply cleavage was on display. She suddenly became very concious of this as he stared. I am afraid we will have to have you come into the station to fill out some papers regarding your stay in our country. Ok she said and she parked her car where he told her and got out. She had long sexy legs as they slid out of the car again she could feel the guards gaze upon her. She entered the small dark building as the guard followed and directed her down a hallway. She felt a bit uneasy as she did not see any other tourists or anyone else at all for that matter. Suddenly he pushed her into a room and locked the door behind him removing the key. NOw she was afraid. Put your hands up against the wall he shouted. What is going on she asked. He told her to shup up and do as she is told and she will be out of there in no time. She leaned up against the wall with her hands up she did not see them when she entered but a sort of handcuff device was dangling from the ceiling. he clasped her wrists in them like shakels he told her to spread her legs she would have to be searched. again she tried to protest this time he removed his tie and wrapped it around her mouth like a gag. he had a big thick black baton stick like the police in the u.s. used and he used this to spread her legs open. he slid his hand under her skirt and realized that her pussy was completly exposed already. this made him smile. he took his baton and slid it between her legs rubbing it up against her pussy. he reached under her skirt and opened her pussy lips so that the baton was between them as he began to rub it back and forth against her clit. she was afraid she thought but also aroused she tried to push the sexual thoughts out of her head but as he rubbed her clit her pussy began to respond and soon was dripping wet with cunt juice all over the baton. he could feel that the baton slid easier and taunted her by saying ahhh you like my big stick yah. perhaps you would like to know what it would feel like up inside that pussy hole of yours. what do you think. he pulled it out and showed her how wet she had gotten it. he pulled down the gag briefly and told her to taste her own juices see how tasty they were. she stuck out her tongue as he slid it across her mouth. then he replaced the gag and told her to bend over as much as she could possibly do with her hands hung from the ceiling. he took his baton and probed the opening to her pussyhole and after he got it in the opening he shoved it deep up inside her. she would have screamed if she could but yet again it was highly erotic and her pussy relaxed and allowed itself to be pounded. she looked up in the corner and she realized that a small camera was taping the entire event omg she thought if i live thru this what will they do with this tape who might see it? then he was behind her and he reached around and pulled open her blouse popping all the buttons and exposing her tits in their demi bra. he pulled out a knife and cutaway the bra. now her big beautiful tis were dangling free. he grabbed them roughly at first then taking just the nipples and rolling them between his fingers making them erect and hard. she could feel his hard cock up against her ass thru his uniform. then her skirt was unzipped and pulled around her ankles. she heard his pants unzip. she caught a glimpse omg its was bigger than the baton. she braced herself as he entered her from behind filling her pussy more than she had ever felt before. she orgasmed as soon as he entered her. and then as he began to pound that hot cunt she came again so hard she shook and her knees went weak. he was just getting started he told her. he has not had a woman in some time and wants to savor it so he will not be going off anytime soon. her pussy throbbed with the fullnes she felt from this big giant cock. then she saw him licking his fingers and then felt him shove one up her ass as he continued to pump her hard. again she came omg i am in such danger yet i have cum more times in 15 minutes than ever before in my life. how could this be so exciting. then she felt him slid another finger and another spreading her asshole wide she knew what was next...