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Hand Over your Cash! you Work For Me Now, bitch!!

OK pathetic bitch, lets get the new arrangement straight - I own you, your wallet and every cent of your pitiful earnings! Got that?

From now on you are handing over every last dollar to Me. I will not tolerate any complaining or begging for compromise from you. Who the hell are you to have any opinion whatsoever on My Decisions for how to use you? you are lucky you even get to gaze adoringly at My pictures, let alone get to speak to Me, and hear Me tell You how superior I am to you! For that golden privilege, you will be paying dearly, and paying often!!

I am aware that you do not make enough money to afford Me as Your Money Mistress. Hell, I'm certain that I make more money off my occasional phones here than you do working overtime at your pathetic job. That makes it all even sweeter...I do not NEED your money...actually, you probably NEED a loan from Me! But instead what is going to happen is I am going to drain your every last dollar, just to prove the point of who is Superior and who needs to grovel for scraps of attention.

Yes, you may thank Me for gifting you with the extreme privilege of serving My Greed, you sad worm of a "man".

I plan to take everything from you. you work for Me now, and you get to keep zilch. I will laugh hysterically at your stories of trying to subsist on ramen for weeks at a time, while I demand my latest shopping desires & cash deposits be fulfilled IMMEDIATELY. I will make you call while I am partying with My friends, on your hard earned dollars of course, so we can all laugh at you - let the good times roll!

Two jobs for you? At least! I love to shop, and have a healthy appetite for material desires. Looks like you have your work cut out for you if you want to try and please Me, because constant online shopping for Me is a strict requirement!

Is there nothing but wallet rapings in this for you? Of course not, My silly pet. I am not that one dimensional. you have much pain & agony to endure as well. I am a gleeful sadist & thoroughly enjoy your cries. If you prove tough enough while punishing yourself to my exact Instructions, and you are not behind on cash payments, you may get to be tortured by Me, live & in person! Now wouldn't it all be worth it to get your ass kicked by Mistress Monika?