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Your Taboo Little Secret

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Everywoman has a multifacited personality. I want to open myself completely to you. I can be anyone for you. Wanna talk to a girl who won't think your sick? Call me. Men are good for only one thing in my book. Well, maybe two: fixing a flat tire, and handing over large sums of cash. I'm a high maintenance hottie with an appetite for the finer things in life. Why should I work my lovely fingers to the bone in order to finance my lifestyle when I can simply send you out to earn what I need? Don't make enough to support me? No problem. Simply get a second job, or a third. You want me to be happy don't you? You're willing to work yourself into an early grave in order to earn my respect and affection...right? That's what a real man would do. Keep me in fine jewelry, expensive perfume, designer clothes and shoes, and I will treat you like a king. Refuse me, and you'll incur the wrath of a redhead - not a pretty picture. Money can buy happiness for us both, so pony up the cash and lets buy paradise together.