Phone Sex

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My name is Bethany. I'm a weird person. I was a straight A nerd in school and I am socially awkward. When I talk to people on the phone there are awkward silences.

I found with my last boyfriend something interesting about myself. He suggested we try phone sex and I was not for it because I am awkward. However, he talked me into it finally and the awkwardness of being on the phone with him and trying to pleasure myself and have an orgasm created a build-up for me and corresponding awkwardness that turned into a huge orgasm.

When we broke up I suggested phone sex to a man I met at the bar and gave my number to, and not only was he blown away by my suggestion, he was blown away by my awkward ability to cum in such a weird situation.

After that I tried it on many men and I like it even better with strangers and people with weird voices. Or weirdos and other awkward men. But even if you're not a weirdo, if I don't know you I can imagine you are weird and that turns me on.

I feel awkward writing this but am turned on. Nobody in my real life knows I get off on being awkward. But you should try my service if you want to experience awkward ejaculation. I imagine talking to me will be more like talking to a wall. Most normal girls are not as awkward as me.