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Are you looking for a HOT sexy uncut she-male to fulfill all of your desires? I'm a wild woman and I love my 10 inch cock too! I'm sure you'll love it as well when you're down on your knees sucking me so hard that the head pops out and oozes precum onto your tongue. You might say that I have an oral fixation because in addition to wanting to feel your mouth all over my hard cock, I want to take you deep into my throat.

I'm a woman who loves men. I can't get enough of them! I'm a top about 75% of the time meaning I'd relish the feeling of sliding my hard cock into you inch by inch, filling you up completely and driving your prostate wild before cumming deep inside you. There's nothing like the feel of a nice tight ass wrapped around my cock.

Of course, that other 25% of the time I want you to take me, plunge into my tight little hole filling it with your cock. I'd like for you to use my little man pussy, opening it up wide, stimulating me and making me feel full and complete. Fuck me so hard that I cum all over my stomach and tits. Speaking of tits, have you ever titty fucked a she-male? I love getting to lick the tip of your cock as you fuck my tits nice and hard.

I can be the sensual t-girl that you can make love to. We could have beautiful dates where everyone sees you on the arm of a lovely lady and then come home for hours of hot sex together. I can't get enough of the feeling of touch. A passionate kiss can say so much more than any words I could ever put on here. The feeling of my body pressed up against yours as we make out and feel ourselves getting aroused. I want you to feel my hard cock growing for you.

I'm also what you might call a kinky girl. I adore a good roleplay. There's nothing like getting some bondage into our sex. I adore foot and body worship. I love to get dressed up and think it's hot if you get dressed up sometimes too. I adore looking and feeling sexy. There's something about the feeling of stockings, heels and some lingerie that just does it for me.

I can go beyond the most basic of kinks. Yes, bondage while fucking is hot, but I can get really kinky. Once in a while I'll be submissive to the right man. I'm willing to get as wild as you want! I own the toys and I have no taboos! I'm ready to go for you and I think you should get to know me better. Build up a hot and intense relationship with this t-girl.

Unlike so many people you'll find on NiteFlirt, I have real life experience in the scene. I've been to munches and conventions and play parties. In just one call you'll know I'm the real deal.

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From a BDSM checklist I've had for a while, here are the fetishes I'm familiar and comfortable with both in realy life and onl the phone. Let's have a HOT time together. I enjoy: Abrasion (rough materials on skin), Anal sex, Anal plugs (small), Aromas, Ball stretching, Beating (soft), Blindfolds, Being serviced (sexual), Biting, receiving & giving, Boot worship, Bondage (light, multi-day, public, under clothing), Breast/chest bondage,: Breast/chest torture, Breast whipping, Breath control,Chains, Chastity belts, Choking, Chores (domestic service), Clothing, Spandex, - slutting, leather, latex Clothing, Undressed - naked Clothing, Uniforms, Cock cage, Cock rings/straps, Cock whipping, Cock worship, Collars (worn in public or private): Corsets (trained waist reduction and casual wear) Crossdressing, Cuffs (leather), Dildoes, Enforced chastity, Examinations (physical), Exercise (forced/required), Face slapping,Fear (being scared), Following orders, Foot worship, Forced dressing, Forced eating, Forced heterosexuality Forced masturbation Forced nudity (private) Forced servitude, Gags (rubber, cloth, inflatible, phallic), Gags (tape), Genital sex Given away to another Dom (temp or permanent), Hairbrush spankings Hair pulling Hand jobs (receiving and givng), Having food chosen for you, Having clothing chosen for you, High heel wearing, High heel worship, Homage with tongue (non-sexual), Hoods, Housework (doing), Humiliation (private), Kissing, Kissing - open mouth (french), Kneeling, Knife play Leather clothing Leather restraints Lectures for misbehavior Licking (non-sexual) Lingerie (wearing) Manicures (giving) Massage (receiving and giving), Medical scenes, Modeling for erotic photos, Mouth bits, Name change (for scene),, Nipple clamps, Oral-anal play (rimming), Oral-Genital play (give fellatio/cunnilingus), Over-the-knee spanking, Orgasm denial, Orgasm control, Outdoor scenes, Outdoor sex, Pain, Penetration-oral, anal and double, Persona training (in scene), Personality modification , Piercing (temporary, play-pierce), Piercing (permanent), Plastic surgery, Prison scenes, Punishment Scene, worship, Restrictive rules on behavior, Riding crops, Rituals, Rope body harness, Rope Bondage, Rope Bondage,Saran wrapping,Scratching - getting, Scratching - giving, Serving, Serving as art, Serving as ashtray, Serving as furniture, Serving as a maid, Serving as waitress/waiter, Serving other doms, Sexual deprivation , Shaving (body hair), Skinny-dipping, Sleep deprivation, Spanking, Speech restrictions (when, what), Spitting, Spreader bars, Standing in corner, Strapping (full body beating), Suspension bondage, Swallowing semen, Swapping (with one other couple), Tattooing, Teasing, Tickling, Vibrators, Video (watching you), Voyeurism, Water torture, Waxing, Wearing symbolic jewelery , Whipping.