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Dreams cum true with this creative Domme!

Come here and tell me all about it. Whisper, scream, or moan, it doesn’t matter. What I want is to know exactly what takes your breath away with pleasure. What is that fantasy that makes you crazy with yearning and desire?

I’m Mistress Grace and I’m here to take you into that world of fantasy, where the normal and mundane are banned, and only those things that arouse and tantalize you are permitted. We will go beyond anything you could hope for or dream of. My voice will be that special key, unlocking doors in your soul that have never been touched before. Reach out for my hand, and in turn give me possession of your body and your mind. Let me guide you and show you the hidden world of sexual wonders that waits at our fingertips.

I take pleasure in making a man aroused, finding out his secrets and soaring with him upon one wave of pleasure after the next. I know how hard it is to find someone who not only understands but also shares those wild and exciting needs, those dark or daring fetishes that cannot be ignored, and indeed should be celebrated. I take glorious pleasure from the sound of a man confessing his soul to me as he is driven to a mind blowing orgasm that neither one of us will ever forget.

Want to know what I like? I love role-playing, being the sexy teacher, boss, or cop. I love taking control and showing you what a real woman can do. I’m one who always knows what I want as well as how to get it. I love to tease with my body and voice, describing in detail every sweet sensation, every touch that will eventually push you over the edge. I am sensual by nature, a lady that knows who to take control without being too sadistic. However, I can also be more severe, if a gentle hand is not enough for you. I can humiliate you, break you down until you’re a clean slate for me to forcefully mold into my groveling, worshipping little slave boy. I can bring you pain in such a skillful manner that soon you will not be able to distinguish my whip or paddle from the gentle caress of my hand. You will writhe in agony…. and ecstasy.

So tell me what that special fantasy, fetish, or scenario is. I know you have one. If you wish to speak with me before a session, I encourage you to email me. Until then, may all your dreams be erotic and ever so stimulating.