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Mistress Gigi Lauren

Wallet Rapist Exploits Your Addiction To Danger

The Siren Calls: Surrender To Financial Domination, Wallet Rape And Money Slavery

Is it danger that turns you on? I have got your number...

Those who crave intimate connection and excitement will thrill in crashing their ships upon My FinDom shore. I'll ask many questions as I gather information to assist Me in pillaging your pocketbook. Each pause, each hesitation, and uncomfortable snort will tell Me something to aid in your exploitation. You'll be consumed you with desire as I sift through your fears and desires until I find that golden key that keeps you opening that wallet long after you should have put it away. I'm not new to Niteflirt, My primary femdom dominatrix listing has a score of nearly 6000. I created this financial domination listing so that I would be alerted the moment a potential money slave called aching for a wallet raping.

While I'm not much of a gambler Myself, I love to play games of chance with you. I love raise the rate, guessing games, and anything else either of U/us can dream up, so long as you keep lining My coffer with bills. Do you have addiction issues? Good, I'll be sure to exploit those. I'm not your wife or your girlfriend so I don't care whether or not you go broke or not. I will, however, act as your wife or girlfriend if I think doing so will help to build My empire. I use every tool in My little box to get you to keep spending on Me and I'm not above using covert suggestion.

My biggest turn ons are POWER, CONTROL, and HUMILIATION and your wallet is a direct line to each of the elements I crave. I'll take over your computer and your finances and pillage and plunder until I get everything I want. I'm a greedy, greedy girl and I'm not easily satisfied. It's very easy to let yourself fall... I'm one addiction you won't ever want to give up.

If you want to play "raise the rate" make sure you tell Me right away at the beginning of the call.

Some of My specialities include: blackmail, money slavery, money slaves, financial domination, race play, addiction issues, exploitation, wallets, spending your money, human piggy banks, human ATMs, giftcards, finding presents on My doorstep and owning your ass.

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