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Mean Teen. Cockteasing Humiliatrix. Spoiled Italian Princess.

Looking for meaning in your life, loser? You found it. Get your freaking tissues 'cuz you're going to be stroking and crying for THIS Italian Princess.

You spent your whole pathetic life drooling over tight tan girls like me. That's sad for you because you know you could never be a part of my world.

My world is about tanning, shopping, making fun of YOU, partying and fucking men - REAL men who can get it up, keep it up and don't get asked "is it in yet?"

Your world is about jerking off looking at pictures of my hot little body, humiliating yourself for scraps of my attention and paying for all the fun I have without you knowing I would never talk to you for free. Ha! I'll cocktease you, abuse you and make you wish you were never born. I never apologize for being mean 'cuz I'm here to make you hard, make you pay, and make you cry.

Not that your little toothpick dick ever stood a chance of getting inside my pretty panties anyway! I am so far out of your league we're not even playing the same sport. We both know your purpose in life: drooling over and spoiling girls like me while I lead you around by your dick.

You'll become obsessed with my sexy young voice and tight tan body. You'll spend more and more trying to get me to pay attention to you and keep teasing you with what you'll never have. Don't get the wrong idea lil' dick tugger, that doesn't mean I'm going to let you come. I know I'm too good to have sex with you.

Princess Gina

Things I'm Into

  • having fun at your expense
  • tease and denial
  • being your girlfriend experience (I'm sweetly bitchy and high maintenance)
  • roleplays
  • making you weak with my tight young body and addictive giggle
  • having my pretty ass worshipped and licked
  • guided masturbation
  • humiliation
  • getting spoiled and treated like the entitled Italian Princess I am

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