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Cuckolding, or the "cuckold lifestyle" is, like any other form of domination, an art that can always be perfected. Whether you are looking for direct training or just advice, I can help you to learn and explore every aspect of this complex fetish. I have been endowed with the physical power, stamina and natural authority that most women look for in a man, but often don't find in their "legitimate partners". As a Bull, I have been personally pleasing hot wives and girlfriends for over a decade. I have also taught numerous cuckolds to understand and accept their place on the backseat. I have also been the headmaster of the very exclusive "Cadre Rouge" in Belgium. It was a private Institute for the training of sexually inadequate males, where women could send their deficient partners and where submissive men could attempt to better themselves. A team of elite Masters and Mistresses was training submissive males, straight and gay, to fully acknowledge their inadequacy and make up for it in the most humble ways. Women, submissive or not, could also seek schooling at "The Cadre Rouge", whether they needed to learn how to deal with their cuckolds or how to please their Bulls, or both. I have therefore no shortage of experience in the matters of D/S relationships. If you are just looking for a beefy stud to insult you and show you his muscle on cam, many can do it. But if you are willing to plunge deeper into the dark waters of this lifestyle, then I am the guide you are looking for. I teach Alphas, males and females, to be as strict, demanding and rigorous as they should be with their subs. I teach betas how to completely embrace their submissive nature and surrender to the power of their betters. Subtle or abject humiliation, fastidious and detailed protocols, forced chastity and corporal punishment will be used to produce devastating, long lasting effects on the psyche of the subs. Cuckolds, sluts, wimps, wenches and fags will first be utterly broken before they will be re-assembled as obedient, humble and devoted servants. I am very friendly and humorous with my equals. Beta males and females, on the other hand, will be dealt with the firmness and contempt they deserve. However I'm always generous and compassionate with those who show a genuine desire to answer their sexual calling. I expect to be addressed as Sir. Only my personal slaves can call me Master. No Cam, no photos until I know you well.