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You cant keep me happy can you?

You don't measure up, do you?

You and I both know that your itty bitty clitty could never satisfy a woman like me. That's why I'm out getting what I need from a real man. A real man who does measure up, a man who has a real cock and knows what to do with it, unlike you and that little panty worm of yours.

I'm just out getting
what I deserve

You'll be able to smell him on me when I get home. I'll tell you all about it, all about how he made me moan and beg for more the way you've never been able to with that shrimpdick of yours.

If you're a good little cuckie I might let you clean me up and enjoy a cream pie. I'll laugh at you and tell you how worthless you are, except for my entertainment, but you knew that anyway didn't you?

I know all about bois like you…….

You get so hard thinking about me with a real man, it puts a teenie tiny bulge in your cute little panties doesn’t it sweetie? You want to hear all about it and maybe beg me to bring my real man home and let you suck his cock too don’t you? Or show you off to my girlfriends in your pretty pink panties? Make you show them just what an itsy bitsy boi you are and let them get a laugh too?

You know you do and if you’re good and call me,
I might just let you!

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