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Natural, unshaven, intelligent... Dirty...

I'm 38, 5'7", 120 lbs, 33Ax27x37, short brown hair and brown eyes. I work out 3 times a week. American. Italian/English/Irish descent. I love modeling, yoga and cycling. I don't shave any part of my body. I am very hairy. College educated. World traveled. Into politics, current events and talking about anything. And am extremely creative, sensual and spontaneous. Love to watch... Yes, that is me in the pics, I work out everyday... I like to talk dirty. Call my any time, day or night when you see that I am taking calls... This is the line of mine to call when I am not able to do webcam. I also have another line for IM's. Naughty. Real. Fun.
I have 16 years experience in this industry - phone sex, webcam shows, erotic dancing in clubs, mistress, goddess, peep shows, adult toy shop.

I am very fit and flexible.

Bisexual. Naughty. Kinky. Hairy. Unshaven. Natural. Fit. Taboo. Web cam. Phone sex. Sexting. Naughty IM. Escort. Ongoing. Long term. Short term. Topless. Nude. Fully clothed.

Panty play. Panties.

Light domination. BDMS. Financial Domination. Femdom. Feet. Stockings. Thigh highs. Shoes. Cuck hold. Garter belts. Jerk off instruction (JOI). Cum Eating Instructions (CEI), Sissification. Trampling. Fetishes. Human ATM. Face sitting. Farts. Paddling. Strap On. Torture. Marriage (in the torture section where it belongs). Spanking. Rimming. Cunnilingus. Forced bi. Tickling. Scent play.

Sugar baby. Sugar daddy. Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR). Breastfeeding. (I'm not lactating but I like to role-play.) Birth. Pregnancy. Any medical scenario.

Role play. Fantasy. Baths. Showers. Lingerie. Talking about anything. Couples. Voyeur. Watch me watching you. Toys large and small. Edging. Gagging.

Hentai. Porn. Aliens. Monsters. Weird requests. Positive Interracial. Doctor's appointments. Therapist role-play. Secretary. Gang bang. Threesome. Couple swapping. Eating on cam.

Regular talk about anything including: politics, current events, dating, marriage, divorce, sexless marriage, life problems. I can be your girl friend or I can just be your friend.

Gaming. Assassins Creed. Skyrim. Dragon Age. Game of Thrones. Star Wars. Dead Rising 3. Call of Duty Ghosts. Grand Theft Auto. Game of Thrones.

Science Fiction. Game of Thrones. Lord of the Rings. Firefly. Serenity. Nexus Trilogy. Sword of Truth. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Hunger Games. Star Wars. Sandman. Y: The Last Man. Harry Potter. Zorn Warrior Series. Divergent series. 50 Shades.

NO - I do not do shows with out my sunglasses on. I do show my face but only with sunglasses on.

NO - Doing anal on cam but I love talking about rimming and anal everything.

NO - I do not squirt but I love talking about it.

NO - Fingering - my nails are too long. But I like talking about it.

NO - Fisting but I like talking about it.

NO - Blackmail.

NO - Wrestling with other models - but I am happy to talk about it.

NO - Underage play.

NO - Animal play - but I do like alien and monster play.

NO - forced intoxication or eating of any kind.

NO - I do not have painted toe nails. I will not pain them. Happy to show you my feet.

NO - I will not discuss Season 2 of Jericho!

Open to all races, sizes, genders, and identities. 18+ on this planet and beyond. Cut. Uncut. Broken or whole.

Statement of Purpose

I find human beings most attractive in their primal un-altered states. Maximum arousal for me is sober, unshaven people who don't have plastic surgery or dye their hair or prescribe to mainstream values. I like to find people or draw them towards that experience as well. There is a lot of repression of sexual desires that is expected of us on a daily basis that adds up to a life long struggle. Many people struggle deeply with unhappiness. We aren't free to express inner desires, we aren't free to find the animal desires in us. We judge other people. We judge ourselves harshest.

My goal is to explore deep sexuality with people and all are welcome.