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Time to Pay the Piper... Beg For Mercy!!


Lets get one thing straight right from the start…

My name is not baby, or sweetie, or cupcake, or hottie, or princess. It is Mistress Mercy! You may call me Mistress, Goddess, or Queen!


You are not to enter my temple with your sad little winky in your hands. The only thing in your pants that I want to see in your hands when calling me is your wallet. Got it? Good! I am a beautiful Queen with a penchant for the finer things in life. I do not have the patience for rude little boys who are just looking to get their rocks off. If you seek me out, you had better know and understand your place….which is always under a beautiful, dominant female!

So, how can you get my attention?
Well, the obvious answer to that silly question is to pay up! Living the life of luxury is not cheap and Mistress always needs a willing little pay piggy. I will invade your mind and soul….haunting you like a melody you just can’t get out of your head. When you are tossing and turning in the night, it is my face that will invade your thoughts and dreams. Like any female of class and grace, I also appreciate INTELLIGENT (key word here) conversation. I am college educated and can converse on many different subjects.

Be warned, there are certain things I will not tolerate. Do not call me any of the cutesy pet names listed up top. That is a sure way to find yourself in my bad graces. Do not call me thinking you are going to get to “top from the bottom”. While I am not a violent person, I am highly dominant and will not tolerate the bullshit. Do not call to tell me what you would “like” to do for me. Either put up or shut up. If you are a broke little poor piggy who can barely afford the call, then that is what you are. Why waste my time?

So if you are looking for a Domme with intelligence, wit, and an uncanny ability to separate you from your wallet, look no further. I will captivate you…ensnare you…and you will never realize it until it is too late! But don’t worry, I will have a FABULOUS time with your money!


Yes, your Queen is a gamer! Right now I am actively playing World of Warcraft. If you would like to join your Queen in Azeroth, click the button! You can join me on my server, or….for a hefty fee…. I can join you on yours. This button gives access to my server and character name.