Phone Sex

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OK, Let's get things straight from the start. I only care about ME! You are here to serve me, spoil me and pay me. Period, end of story. You get off doing it, we both know that. The more I take, the more you want to give and the more aroused and excited you become.

I don't care about your bills, your wife or your needs.Blah, Blah, Blah , thats how it sounds to me. When your bore me with those stupid details, I simply take out a magazine and page through it while you are droning on and on. That little pin prick between your legs is of no use. The only way you are going to get the attention of a girl like me is to open your wallet.

My Pleasures are Exploiting you, Humiliating you, Making you do stupid things, Paypigs, Human ATMS, CBT, Foot Worship,Getting you Drunk, Mindfucking you, Putting you under Hypnosis, Forced Bi, Feminization, and Bringing out your inner Cumslut.

$10 Three Hot Pussy Pics

$10 Three Titty Pics

You are worthless to me without any money. I have no use for you without it. I am a very mean Princess. I am going to giggle at your stupidity. I know you are a loser and so do you, so just do the only thing you are able to do and thats pay me.

$25 Three Pictures of this Diva

$50 Make Me Notice You

$100 My Expenses are Your Responsibility

$250 Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

$500 Spoil and Pamper Me

$999 Weak, Pathetic and Desperate to Give