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Nurturing your FEMININITY, a POSITIVE approach!

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Hello sweetie,

First things first, I take a positive approach to the world of cross dressing and transgender issues. I see NOTHING humiliating about someone discovering their inner feminine, as far as I'm concerned, it's something to celebrate. I'm not interested in 'humiliating' you because of it. The paradox of 'humiliating' a man because he likes to embrace his feminine side is that by doing so, I must think being a woman is somehow inferior, weaker or ridiculous – I DON'T!

I understand this is likely a secret part of you that you have struggled with for years. It is likely that very few people in your life know about this. I understand this may cause conflict or confusion for you emotionally. I may not have answers about the conflict this causes for you, but I tell you what I have got for you...

In My world, you are in a safe place to discuss and be at one with your inner (or outer) girly. In My world, your femininity is celebrated and encouraged in a positive way. In My world, it's OK to be turned on by your inner femininity and the sexual desires being a girly causes, we will play with this energy together. I will nurture you and your feminine, AND your sexual desires

As a mature nurturing woman who is familiar with CD, TG and TS's issues, you can be assured I am totally accepting of every aspect of you and your desires. I'm not interested in calling you a fag and berating you for being who you are, BUT, If you enjoy a little sensual humiliation with your cross dressing, you can be assured this will be approached in an intelligent, sensitive, fantasy based way, safe in the knowledge that we BOTH know it's a fantasy and doesn't detract from our beliefs in the celebration of all that is feminine.

Now come and pull up a pew in Hildy's world, and lets celebrate the feminine!

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