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Shadow Priest

Wake up and smell the Leather.

The most primal of coverings. Raw, animalistic power. What is it about a Leather-clad Man that gives off such a powerful erotic aura? You can't quite explain it, you just know how it makes you feel.

You can get so turned on and feel a yearning that makes you want to kneel before me, feel the animal energy of the leather and know that it is your proper place to submit to me, to obey, to do as you're told.

Now picture yourself kneeling, seeing My hot leather boot inches from your face. Imagine the excitement running through your body as your lips press against the soft, smooth Leather. Feel your heart beating faster as you imagine the feel of My hand on top of your head, firmly pushing your face into My black Leather boot.

Are you worthy to worship My Leather-clad perfection? Absolutely not... You are sad and pathetic. Beg for My indulgence. Perhaps I might take some small measure of pity on your faggoty little excuse for manhood and allow you to bask in the presence of a real Man.

It is the way of the natural, animal world that the weak are attracted to the strong and the powerful, just the way that you are attracted to Me. Don't fight nature, obey your urges. Call Me now and find your natural place in the world.

$20 for this 40 minute Body Worship hypnosis.
Feel your lust taking over you
as your need to worship My body gets stronger and stronger
Listen to Me abuse you as you gratefully
Worship My ass, cock, and balls

$17.50 for this 34 minute hypnosis with binaurals
Full Boot and Foot worship scene.
Taste the leather, smell the heady aromas.
Lose yourself at My feet.
(boot worship, foot worship, arousal, edging)