Phone Sex

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Bikers + biker chick wannabe + initiation + YOU...

Born to be wild!

You: Head of the biker gang, in charge of saying who can join the biker gang - and who can't.

Me: A woman living solo, tough, no family, tired of riding alone, lifelong motorcycle fan.

Possible locations:
  • abandoned warehouse
  • biker bar
  • interstate highway
  • truck stop
  • adult book store
  • Leather (fill in the blank)
  • Harley chopper
  • Leather (fill in the blank)
  • Steel studded (fill in the blank)
  • More leather
Initiation requirements: YOU decide!

Ready? CALL!

Guys: This isn't just promotional text. You can really TURN me ON with rough fantasies.

Like leather? Buy me some hot leather bondage gear through my wishlist. Order me to use it next time you call.

My Wish List

Buy a photo of a master
pulling on my nipple.

Picture this: I'm all dressed up at a la-te-da function, and I thought Master would let me be for once. But, no. He has to put me on display as the slut he knows I am. So in the middle of the crowd he pulls up my dress and mauls my tits. And he'd planned ahead of time for someone to get a top-notch close-up photo.

NiteFlirt censored this photo --
kicked it off the site after a brief debut --
even though I disguised the nipple.

$15 buys you the uncensored photo.