Phone Sex

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CUM BATH -- here please -- ALL OVER ME

Cover me with your cum.

Your cum all over me is proof that
    a) I've turned you on,
    b) I've submitted to you standing or kneeling over me, and
    c) you are a cum-making-machine.

Don't waste your cum down my throat. Shower it on my belly, my thighs, my feet, and most of all, my face.

Feel the curves of my hip, butt, neck, knee enhanced by the silky slippery soft touch of your cum.

Invite your buddies -- or strangers from off the street -- to add to the sea of ejaculate on my body. Invite enough men so that you cover every inch of me.

Then, send me out. Make me dress without showering. Send me to a club, or a raunchy bikers bar, or your parents' house.

Towel me off and leave the towel in a public place where people can smell the evidence of your control over me, and of your virility.

As raunchy as you like it.

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NiteFlirt censored this photo --
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