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Bad Betty


Bad Betty

Just one call to me will have you on your knees being pimped out at ever nasty truck stop, Gay bar, Gloryhole and peep booth. I am mean and cruel and nothing you say will stop me or make me feel sorry for your pathetic cum lapping ass! Come with me as we explore and pimp your ass out and make you follow through with the dirtiest of dirty cocksucking fantasies. I know you crave being a cocksucker more then anything else in your boring life. Once you call you will be hooked on my style and the way I can force you into being a super big FAG. So lets see how many loads of cum you can take you cumdumpster whore! Wimps and pussy boys need not call, this is not for the faint at heart. **AS OF LATE, I HAVE BEEN CALLED BY ASSHOLES LOOKING FOR DATES...THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVICE!!! THE LAST TWO FEEDBACKS WERE LEFT BY LOSERS WHO GOT MAD BECAUSE I WOULD NOT GO OUT WITH THEM! ONE WAS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO BE HIS MOTHER!! YUCK YUCK YUCK!! READ ASSHOLES READ! BEFORE YOU CALL!!THIS IS A HARDCORE DOMME LINE, NOT A FUCKING MEET AND GREET YOU STUPID FUCK! I DONT SIT AND GIGGLE AND DO BORING COOKIE CUTTER CALLS!!


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