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Mistress Maye

Come my sweet little piggies, give to Mistress


Time to give, remember it is better to give than to receive. Send Mistress a gift and get free talk time.


You will become my special sweet slut, the "pay piggy" you were always meant to be. I will you and your wallet and your sensuality. I will mold you to be a true "piggy", in every sense possible. Soon, you will simply forget all those nasty little "man" ways that you have been taught all your life and become my special piggy. You will find that your boy pussy is highly prized with Mistress, so be sure to always make it available to me, along with your wallet. Be on your knees, and be ready to serve.

Mistress needs the help of her piggies. Mistress needs a new computer for her schooling, give what you can. If you can't give, don't feel bad, in this economy, many don't have that extra, I would rather talk to my piggies than just get a gift, but if you can give a gift also, please feel free to give one.

Please, enjoy a naughty story of the pleasure of girl/girl domination, it is after all, what you seek. Pay for what you seek


Call or simply play my little game.Let me waste your money
$15.00 $25.00 $50.00

$150.00 $500.00



Check out a lovely story of sweet torment, get the first chapter now.
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Suddenly slapping my leather glove into the palm of my hand, I get your attention. You do not move, but your entire body sizzles visibly at the knowledge I am near. One footstep, as my heel clicks its way towards you, another slap of the glove, another click. With each step closer, I again slap that glove into my open palm, watching as sweat begins to bead on your forehead.



Mistress Maye specializes in taking even the most timid of piggies and giving them the confidence needed to give and give, freely. You will call and hear my voice, you will hear the voice that controls you, the voice that causes you to give over and over. You need to give, you need to feel useful, and giving to an elegant not slutty lady gives you meaning. What meaning does your life have? Mistress has a phone and internet bill due, it is upwards of $500.00, pay it now and receive 10 free minutes to speak to your goddess.




$100 $250$500 $999