Phone Sex

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A hot SLAVE who can take it. Make it HURT!

I'm Becca.
But you don't care what my name is.

I get so turned on when you fuck me in public, to show me off as your slave. The adrenaline rush is intoxicating. Make me submit while strangers have me, or force my head back while I suck your friends' cocks.

I don't really like it up the ass -- does that make it even hotter for you to fuck me there? Or to force me to wear a plug all day?

Flog me, hood me, take me to the dungeon.

I can take it.

Call now and be as rough as you want.

Guys: This isn't just promotional text. You can really TURN me ON with rough sex.

My fantasies are full of dungeons and all kinds of ways to restrain a woman. Buy me some hot BDSM gear and sex toys through my wishlist, and next time you call you can order me to use them.

My Wish List

Buy a photo of a master
pulling on my nipple.

Picture this: I'm all dressed up at a la-te-da function, and I thought Master would let me be for once. But, no. He has to put me on display as the slut he knows I am. So in the middle of the crowd he pulls up my dress and mauls my tits. And he'd planned ahead of time for someone to get a top-notch close-up photo.

NiteFlirt censored this photo --
kicked it off the site after a brief debut --
even though I disguised the nipple.

$15 buys you the uncensored photo.