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Princess Kaylynn

Come be Princess Kaylynn's bitch!

Fetishes and Turn Ons:
Having slaves worship My perfect body and feet. Humiliating worthless losers! Taking MY $$ money $$ from you. & Forcing you to do WHATEVER the FUCK I WANT and watching you do it EXACTLY as I said! Being spoiled. Getting Gifts and CASH! Yes, losers, Money makes me HOT. Haha.

Turn Offs
Disobedient bitches. WANKERS! Losers who don't pay and claim they are fucking BROKE ((in all honesty I don't give a fuck if you are broke or not you're still gonna pay ME!))

I will become your every thought, your every word that leaves your lips. You will OBEY me. Im cruel, bossy, bitchy and I'm heartless... Just the way you like it. I will humiliate you and use you. I will control your wallet more then you could ever in your wildest dreams imagine, then again, whatever WAS yours, is now MINE. I will draw you in with MY beauty, manipulate you with MY intelligence, and corrupt you until you have NOTHING left.

I am the picture of perfection, and the definition of beauty. I am LOYALTY, and I refuse to be treated as anything less. You will NEVER refer to me as Goddess, Mistress, or Lady. I am Princess Kaylynn... and you will ONLY refer to me as that or Princess.

From this moment on you will live to give ME the finer things in life. The things a Princess deserves. you will do without, while I get the world on a silver platter. you will be paying for MY bills, MY presents, MY dates, and MY entertainment. you will buy me gifts as I see fit. You will tribute me when I ask for it, no matter the amount. you WILL NOT deny it... you will WILLINGLY give ME everything I want, need, or request. See, I am of a higher power that you could ever even imagine being. I am ABOVE you. you will give me your life. I will OWN you, and you WILL NOT fight it. Got it?

I say what I WANT, I do what I WANT, I get what I WANT, because I TAKE what I WANT. Point blank. END OF STORY.