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Princess Kaylynn

Princess Kaylynn Financial Humiliatrix

Fetishes and Turn Ons:
Having slaves worship My perfect body and feet. Humiliating worthless losers! Taking MY $$ money $$ from you. & Forcing you to do WHATEVER the FUCK I WANT and watching you do it EXACTLY as I said! Being spoiled. Getting Gifts and CASH! Yes, losers, Money makes me HOT. Haha.

I will become your every thought, your every word that leaves your lips. You will OBEY me. Im cruel, bossy, bitchy and I'm heartless... Just the way you like it. I will humiliate you and use you. I will control your wallet more then you could ever in your wildest dreams imagine, then again, whatever WAS yours, is now MINE. I will draw you in with MY beauty, manipulate you with MY intelligence, and corrupt you until you have NOTHING left.

I am the picture of perfection, the definition of beauty, Yet I am cruel and very strict. I am pure royalty, and I refuse to be treated as anything less. I am Princess Kaylynn. I am your God.

From this moment on you will live to give ME the finer things in life. The things a Princess deserves. you will do without, while I get the world on a silver platter. you will be paying for MY bills, MY presents, MY dates, and MY entertainment. you will buy me gifts as I see fit. You will tribute me when I ask for it, no matter the amount. you WILL NOT deny it... you will WILLINGLY give ME everything I want, need, or request. See, I am of a higher power that you could ever even imagine being. I am ABOVE you. you will give me your life. I will OWN you, and you WILL NOT fight it. Got it?

I say what I WANT, I do what I WANT, I get what I WANT, because I TAKE what I WANT. Point blank. END OF STORY.