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I love cuckolds.

And why wouldn't I? What's not to love about an adorable beta-boy who wants nothing more than to worship me and bring me hot Alpha males to play with?

I know that you live to bring me pleasure, that you get off on watching me get off, and will do anything, go to any extreme, endure any humiliation, just to see me in ecstasy. And I love you for that.

And I know you love me too.

How could you not? I am a seductress so irresistible, even your closest friends and family members will find themselves propositioning me. Not to mention your wives, girlfriends, and sisters…

Because I am nothing short of a sex goddess.

A smart, seductive deity of a woman who refuses to apologize for her power. Everyone I meet wants me, and I can’t blame them. My orgasm is a powerful drug, one to which you will soon be happily addicted.

I am now enlisting devoted worshipers who will bring me hot men to play with—just as many as my insatiable snatch can handle. Who will watch, rapt, as these strangers ravage me, giving me orgasm after Earth-shattering orgasm, and who will then beg for the privilege of cleaning me up afterwards.

Effective fluffers get bonus points.

Apply within…

*Please note* Full disclosure: the "face shot" on this page has been digitally altered to protect my identity.

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