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Shadow Priest

Bringing your sick little fantasies to life...

What's your fantasy?
Yeah, I know, you want to be dominated. Used. Abused. Driven fucking wild. Of course. That's why you're calling Me.

Now let's narrow that down some. I want to know what floats your boat. That's the key that you're going to give Me. So I can really get inside your head. So I can bring your wildest fantasies to life.

You know what calls get really hot? Where we're both getting turned on, having fun? Often they're the ones that start out with you telling Me about some hot fantasy you've got. I flesh it out. And then, we bring it to life together for a mind blowing call.

I love fucking your mind...

Taking you up to that edge. That fever pitch. Playing with your emotions while I've got you in the palm of My hand. Yeah, good times..

Be ready to have your mind controlled. I'm a hypnotist specializing in hypnotic domination. Making you experience things you've never imagined before. Taking the most intensely erotic feelings you've ever felt. Tying them to the sound of My voice, so that when you hear My voice you'll feel so turned on.

Domination scenes come in many flavors. I can be the drill sergeant dressing you down you in front of a platoon, the man who comes into your gym one night with his buddies and locks the door behind him, or simply the Man that you have to plead with for permission to touch your own dick. While I laugh at how pathetic you are.

I'm the College Professor offering you a choice between flunking out or doing a little extra credit assignment for Me. The Dark Lord that you will prostate yourself before as I take control of your mind, putting My voice into your head, so that I'll make you hear that voice mocking you as you go through your day tomorrow.

Combining Domination and hypnosis to get even deeper inside your head.

Orgasm control, gang bangs, boot worship, BDSM scenes, straight-up humiliation, hypnosis and mind control.

So what's your fantasy?

You can send Me a message about it, never a bad idea. That gives Me a chance to prepare something special. Or you can just call right now and let Me know what you're dreaming about. Either way, let's do it!

First I put you in a deep trance. Then, a fantasy - you're sitting in a bar when I walk up and put you into trance, then take you home, forcing you to lick My shoes, then suck My cock like a good little slave!.
(Cocksucking, slavery, edging)
$20 45 minutes

Three Voice Humiliation!
After I use hypnosis to amplify
your response to humiliation, I take you
into a scene where you're humiliated
by three voices coming from left, right and center!
Humiliation and gang-bang.
$20 - 50 minutes