Phone Sex

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Ever watched the MILF next door and had a fantasy about her inviting you over? That sweet NATURAL red head woman who's getting older. You know we older women love to have a good time and we're always getting horny! I could probably teach you a trick or two in the bedroom.

Maybe you've watched me wash my SUV in my driveway and noticed my shirt get soaking wet, seen how nice and hard my large, curvy 34"D tits are. I know you've fantasized about me. In fact, I've let myself get extra wet when I've known you were watching. I love the idea of you being next door with a nice hard cock for me just waiting for me, longing for me. I've teased and tormented you from a distance. Perhaps it time for me to invite you over and let you give in to all those fantasies you've had about me. I'm an expert cock sucker. I could do things that would amaze you. I've been deep throating cocks for years and I know how to do it well.

My pussy is still amazingly tight. While maybe you've had a thought about taking my tight ass, I've never let my husband do it. He wants to, he even begs, but I'm not giving my ass to him. Perhaps if you ask just right, or maybe if you decide to be forceful you can have my tightest of holes, my sweet virgin ass could probably use a good fucking!

I love to tease and torment men of all ages! It's so much fun for me. I'm getting into phonesex because just the idea of a stranger getting off to me is so exciting! It makes me wet just sitting here and writing out the words you'll read while looking at my pictures. Speaking of pictures, after every call, I can send you a nice hot picture of myself one you won't get to see on this site!

Imagine me laying in my bed, listening to your voice and sliding a vibrator into my pussy while my husband is working late or out banging his secretary. I'd rather have my time with you than with him anyway. He hasn't been able to satisfy me in many years and I've had my share of affairs. I can't help it, I may look like your typical soccer mom, but I'm a horny bitch and I need to be satisfied in bed, on the floor, the couch, in the car, on my dining room table well, let's just say that I need it bad!

From the BDSM checklist that I use, here are some of the activities & fetishes that I enjoy both in real life & on the phone. I'd love to discuss ANY of these with you! Abrasion (rough materials on skin), Anal sex, Anal plugs (small), Aromas, Ball stretching, Beating (soft), Blindfolds, Being serviced (sexual), Biting, receiving & giving, Boot worship, Bondage (light, multi-day, public, under clothing), Breast/chest bondage,: Breast/chest torture, Breast whipping, Breath control, Branding (fantasy), Chains, Chastity belts, Choking, Chores (domestic service), Clothing, Spandex, - slutting, leather, latex Clothing, Undressed - naked Clothing, Uniforms, Cock cage, Cock rings/straps, Cock whipping, Cock worship, Collars (worn in public or private): Corsets (trained waist reduction and casual wear) Crossdressing, Cuffs (leather), Dildoes, Enforced chastity, Examinations (physical), Exercise (forced/required), Face slapping,Fear (being scared), Following orders, Foot worship, Forced dressing, Forced eating, Forced heterosexuality Forced masturbation Forced nudity (private) Forced servitude, Forced smoking, Smoking Fetish, Gags (rubber, cloth, inflatible, phallic), Gags (tape), Genital sex Given away to another Dom (temp or permanent), Hairbrush spankings Hair pulling Hand jobs (receiving and givng), Having food chosen for you, Having clothing chosen for you, High heel wearing, High heel worship, Homage with tongue (non-sexual), Hoods, Housework (doing), Humiliation (private), Hypnotism, Ice play (cubes, dildoes, etc), Initiation rites, Injections, Interrogations, Iron Restraints / Manacles, Kidnapping, Kissing, Kissing - open mouth (french), Kneeling, Knife play Leather clothing Leather restraints Lectures for misbehavior Licking (non-sexual) Lingerie (wearing) Manicures (giving) Massage (receiving and giving), Medical scenes, Modeling for erotic photos, Mouth bits, Name change (for scene), Name change (legal, permanant), Nipple clamps, Oral-anal play (rimming), Oral-Genital play (give fellatio/cunnilingus), Over-the-knee spanking, Orgasm denial, Orgasm control, Outdoor scenes, Outdoor sex, Pain (severe), Pain (mild), Penetration, vaginal, Penetration, oral, Penetration, anal, Penetration, vaginal-anal, Penetration, vaginal-oral, Penetration, oral-anal, Penetration, triple, Persona training (in scene), Personality modification (RL), Phone sex (serving Dom), Phone sex (serving Dom's friends), Phone sex (commercial provider), Piercing (temporary, play-pierce), Piercing (permanent), Plastic surgery, Prison scenes, Punishment Scene, Pussy whipping, Pussy torture, Pussy worship, Religious scenes, Restrictive rules on behavior, Riding crops, Riding the "horse" (crotch tort.), Rituals, Rope body harness, Rope Bondage, Rope Bondage, Japanese (shabiri). Saran wrapping, Scarification, Scratching - getting, Scratching - giving, Sensory deprivation, Serving, Serving as art, Serving as ashtray, Serving as furniture, Serving as a maid, Serving as waitress/waiter, Serving other doms (supervised), Serving other doms (unsupervised), Sexual deprivation (short term), Sexual deprivation (long term), Shaving (body hair), Skinny-dipping, Sleep deprivation, Spanking, Speech restrictions (when, what), Speculums (vaginal), Spitting, Spreader bars, Standing in corner, Strap-on-dildos (wearing, sucking on and being penetrated by) ), Strapping (full body beating), Suspension bondage, Swallowing semen, Swapping (with one other couple), Tampon Training (in ass), Tattooing, Teasing (sexual), Teasing (verbal/emotional), TENS Unit (electrical toy), Thumbcuffs (metal), Tickling, Violet Wand (electricial toy), Vibrators, Videos, Voyeurism (watching others), Voyeurism (your Dom w/others), Water torture, Waxing, dripped on, Wearing symbolic jewelery, weight loss (forced), Whipping, wooden paddles