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Mis Beth

Cuckolds, Sissy Sluts and Cream Pie Eaters!

I am Mis Beth from the Kinky Girlz, To be worshiped and revered above all. I have, through my years of experience, came across just about every little fetish you little sluts can think up to stimulate those little peckers.I would love to hear all your little pathetic stories of how you came to enjoy being beneath a wonderful female such as myself. Spare no detail, I hope you can keep me amused!! And if you can even begin to think you can pick that phone up to call me, thinking I'm just another bitch to jack your dick-let to, you're sadly mistaken. I am here to make sure all you little dick sluts take a long, hard look at yourself. I’m always so amused when I get a Phone Sex call on Niteflirt from someone who thinks his five and a half inches will satisfy me. So, I hereby proclaim today as “Do You Measure Up Day”. Be good little boys and everyone get out your rulers!! You may have to stroke those itty bitties a bit (like you already aren’t) to get them prepared! Once you’re as hard as you can be (and this is where I sigh in disappointment.... maybe giggle a bit haha), take some measurements. These are my new guidelines in case some of you wanna-be studs need a wake up call! *Under 4 inches - Oh please…give it up and slip into some ruffly panties already! Who are you kidding??? *Between 4 and 6 inches - Oh my. You may be able to fool some inexperienced young girls who don’t know any better. I, however, do know better. Head for the nearest lingerie department and pick out something Lacey…and maybe go buy yourself some knee pads while you’re at it. *6 or 7 inches - Hmmmmm…depending on the thickness, and whether or not hell has frozen over yet, in an emergency, this could possibly be considered a “maybe”. As soon as you are the last man left alive on the planet, I’ll call you. *7 to 8 inches - Ok…you would be the next to the last man on earth. *Over 8 inches…well, hello! I’m Beth and I’m so very pleased to meet you. Please see someone in “Under 3 Inches” and we can get started!! *10 inches or better…How soon can you be here??? I have a whole fleet of panty clad sissies ready to service you and prepare you properly for me. They’re cum-hungry, so no need to worry about any mess! Isn’t that right, boys?? Now, I hope this clarifies things for all of you. Stop deceiving yourselves…if you don’t measure up, you know how you can best serve this Cuckoldress! So, put on your best pair of frillies and get dialing!

Heres a little view of how Mis Beth likes to Have fun!!! Im sure youll enjoy the cream filled action... and there is sooo much more to come!!! LOL