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I'm just a sneaky horny whore's house wife. I really pulled one over on my ex, cheated on him 3 times, thinking I was even pregnant with one of my lover's baby's. My stupid husband never found out. Then, I drained his retirement account, he paid off my loan for lipo (waste of money btw), I would buy myself coach purses with his hard earned money while I sat on my ass. Used his $$$ to by an expensive car--all for my image because I AM QUEEN!
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and I wanted everyone to be jealous of ME at his expense..... I never loved him, nooooo... he was just a meal ticket and...I never worked,,,,ha! ha!..Just let people put me on a pedestal for all the things my hubby worked for....and oh, they were so jealous,,,,,stupid them....I never worked for anything myself for almost 10 years, except being a phone whore,,,,,and getting YOUR money!!!! SO GIMME MORE.

Let me rape your wallet.I order you to pay my bills, buy me nice things, be my MONEY SLAVE!!!

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Let me expose all those worthless small dicked losers!!! Even the guys with average sized cocks are still losers in my book, so they must bow down to their southern slave

I'm just a whore,,,,a cheaten whore...that always wants more!!!!!10838789 52270548810791626 59418diamond

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Tips are always appreciated~some Bunny Money! I am looking for a man who I can wrap around my finger
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OR, PICK UP THAT PHONE AND CALL MeBUT,let me know IF you only want to be IGNORES while the minutes add up and I can just LAUGH at you while you call and you stay on long while I go on my normal routine, like get a drink , watch tv, etc..bottom line...I wanna sucker you !! screw you OVER!


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Bunny's Hot Erotic Story

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